About Us

We are a company that believes in CONVENIENCE and hence we offer the fastest way to purchase digital assets. Started in 2017, we have been able to serve many businesses as well as provide employment to many across the country.

In a world so dynamic in technology, only those adaptive to change will keep succeeding. Our aim is to revolutionize retail and delivery of digital assets

Gitau Njora • CEO/ FOUNDER

Deliver Across a wider Region

We deliver our products through Email hence its convenient to reach our customers in long distances with less hustle

Less than 2 minutes Delivery Time

You are guaranteed to get your licenses with less than 2 minutes after purchase

Trusted partners

Our products are genuine from trusted vendors and technology partners

Covid-19 Preventive Compliance

We deliver our product through email hence we have zero point of contact during a sale


We are open all year round the clock

Environmental Care Compliance

We avoid using plastics hence we package and ship our products digitally

Our Team

Always happy to help


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